Cube BIA 72 Pressure Blast Cabinet
OPERATION: The Cube is designed and equipped to effectively blast large items with a variety of blasting media. High static fans available for heavy media. The operator accesses the blast area from outside the Cube through glove ports to direct blast pattern at the items. Blast pattern may be from a venturi suction gun or pressure blast.

CABINET: Constructed of high quality reinforced steel.

WORK SURFACE: Heavy duty removable grate of 9 gauge, flattened, expanded metal.

DOOR: One, full opening, double walled, swing type. Full perimeter gasket with knife edge sealing. Self adjusting door latches.

GLOVES: Full length, cloth lined, abrasive and static resistant. Screw clamp mounted, for easy replacement, to a 10" elongated, padded port.

WINDOW: Large, 12-1/2" x 21", tempered glass provides long life and minimized static build up of dust.

LIGHT: One, 4 tube 48" flourescent fixture, shielded, and externally located on top of the machine.   CONTROLS: Dual on/off switches for blower and lights. Safety Door Switch allows blasting only when the door is closed. Blast is controlled by a foot activated control.

BLOW-OFF NOZZLE: A fingertip controlled air blow-off nozzle allows cleaning of the work inside the cabinet.

HOSES: All air and media hoses are lightweight, flexible, and abrasive resistant. Flex hose is abrasive and static resistant.

ELECTRICAL: A 230/460 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, service is required. Alternate voltages are available. NOTE: Specify voltage on purchase order.

PAINT: A durable corrosion resistant enamel, grey in color, is used internally and externally.

OPTIONS: Options available for the Cube are:
Wear Kits
Additional Swing Door
Additional Work Stations
Vertical Door(s)
Additional height required
Set-in Turntables
Turntables and Track assemblies
Service Door (3x3)
Sound Suppressors
Hepa After Filters 

Cube Suction Blast Cabinet Floor Requirements
Pressure Blast Gun Air Requirements
Cube BIA 72 Pressure Blast Cabinet
Cube BIA 72 Pressure Blast Cabinet