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Prepared for the toughest cleaning jobs.
Specifically prepared for used engine component cleaning because of the harsh environment and conditions and difficult cleaning demands.Arguably the most demanding blast cleaning requirement.  Rusty Cylinder Heads , Engine Blocks, Crankshafts, Rods, Rusty Headers and larger parts are an easy cleaning task for these powerful blasters.The Magnum Series is an outstanding Value in blasting Cabinets and can be supplied as Suction or Pressure configurations.

Handle Larger Parts with Magnum Series
Magnum Series will handle the big jobs in a very time efficient working cycle.  Available in a 44 X 36 Cabinet or the 55 X 42 Model.The 400 CFM - 700 CFM separator will keep the cabinet visually clear while separating and managing the reusable media. Filter cabinets are available with filter bags or reverse pulse air cartridge systems. Time is money the Magnum series  will get the job done fast while removing baked in carbon deposits, rust,scale and paint extremely fast. These machines are popular in Industrial cleaning applications as well, an easy task for machines prepared for used engine components that deal with rust, carbon and paint.

Suction and Pressure Blast Systems
Magnum 44 and 55 Cabinets are available in Suction or Pressure models. These machine have earned a great reputation in Engine Rebuilding Shops, Parts, Re-Manufacturing and Industry for over 25 years. 
Reclaim: High performance 400-CFM Cyclone Type.
Light Box: Two (2) tube 24" Fluorescent light, ON-OFF control switch for light and reclaimer.
Viewing Window: Large 12" x 20" tempered glass. Provides long life and minimizes static buildup of dust.
Mylar with Dispenser: Mylar lens material shown with Lens dispenser.
Door Cam Latch: Adjustable door latch.
Easy Change Glove: Snap in cloth lined vinyl gloves, 7" diameter x 26" long.
Air Regulator and Gauge: Allows adjustable air pressure to gun for proper media flow to provide finish desired.
Cabinet Sump Clean Out Access Door: Allows recovery of small parts that may fall from blast cabinet.
Foot Blast Control: Left or right foot blast operation.
Cabinet Doors: Full opening double walled access doors.
Motor: 1/2 HP, 120 Volts, Single Phase, 11 Amp, 3450 RPM.
Dust Collector: D-10 With 25 Dust Bags & Manual Shaker
Media Fill Door: Add media to machine and remove debris screen basket inside reclaimer.
Sump Return Hose: 4" flexible duct hose from machine sump outlet to reclaimer inlet.
Media Flow Valve: Universal feed valve allowing 2" drain plug outlet for easy clean-out.
Media Hose: 1/2" media line hose from reclaimer media valve to bottom fitting on blast gun.
Compressed Air Inlet: 1/2" coupler for easy installation of optional moisture trap.
Safety Door Interlocks: Cabinet wired with safety door interlocks to prevent accidental blasting with door open.

Cabinet Fabrication:
Heavy 14 and 11 gauge welded steel

Media Blast Gun:
Lightweight aluminum pistol grip for long life. Interchangeable air jets and nozzles for various air supplies and media flow. 5/32" air jet supplied as standard. Other air jets and nozzles supplied upon request.

Suction Gun Air Requirements 

Gun                                   40 PSI  60 PSI  80 PSI 

1/4" Nozzle - 1/8" Air Jet #4 12 CFM 17 CFM 21 CFM 
5/16" Nozzle - 5/32" Air Jet #5 19 CFM 27 CFM 34 CFM 

4436 Model Shown with Optional DC 10 Dust       Collector Replaces Dust Bag
Glass bEad Blsting Cabinet with Automated Cartridge Style Dust Collector
4436 Model Shown with Optional M2 Automated Cartridge  Dust Collector Replaces Dust Bag
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